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“Little Miss Sunshine” is the nick name of this 21-year old girl from Antwerp. Margaux’s friends and family call her like that because of her vibrant and positive state of mind. “Nothing is impossible, as long as you work hard for it” is Margaux’s motto. Margaux is very ambitious and is actively involved in the community. Margaux studies Event Management and is involved within the Leo’s. 

All Margaux’s family is ambitious. Both of her parents, as well as her two brothers are self-employed. Margaux’s mother always said that it’s not because she has dyslexia and dysorthography that she has less capabilities than someone else. 

She is also very international minded. Margaux has done several exchanges through the Leo’s to Germany, Japan and Mexico. Last year Margaux went on Erasmus to Besançon in France.

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PDF iconpdf_portret_margaux.pdf