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About us

What does SIHO stand for?

The core responsibility of SIHO (Support Centre for Inclusive Higher Education) is supporting institutions of higher education in Flanders in the implementation of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities. SIHO’s main focus lies on enhancing the participation of students with a disability in Flemish higher education, increasing the representation of these students in higher education and optimizing their chances of obtaining a degree.

To accomplish this goal, SIHO functions as a link between the different institutions of higher education in Flanders in order to exchange and develop knowledge and experiences. It also creates a bridge between policymakers and educational institutions and is proactively involved in policy changes and development. Furthermore, it tries to enhance the social perception of the general public on disability. Finally, SIHO organizes trainings, provides advice and coaching and develops materials on disabilities in higher education.

Contact persons for students with a disability

In Flanders, every institution of higher education has a specific contact person for students with a disability. Within their institution they are responsible for the guidance and assistance of students with a disability.

Here you can find an overview of all contact persons.

Membership European networks

SIHO is a member of the LINK network (Learning Inclusively Network + Know-how). LINK is a network of organizations, educational institutions, disability professionals, academics, students and interested individuals who all share the same ultimate goal namely full inclusion of students with disabilities in higher education

SIHO was also partner in an Erasmus+ funded project ‘Universal Design for Learning – License to Learn (UDLL)’.

SIHO is partner in the EAIE Expert Community ‘Access and Inclusion in Higher Education’.


SIHO develops materials such as documentaries, portraits and training as you can find below:

Documentary ‘TZALWEL’

A documentary on 5 students with a disability who talk about their experiences in higher education, their worries, dreams and ambitions.

  • With English subtitles: Vimeo
  • With English audiodescription: Vimeo


​We create portraits to enhance the social perception of people with a disability. Several portraits are available in English.