U bent hier

Before your stay

When it comes to your needs and requirements, you are the expert. Use this expertise and self-knowledge to prepare your international exchange and apply for the appropriate support.

Every institution for higher education has a specific contact person for students with a disability. Within their institution they are responsible for the guidance and assistance of (both local and international) students with a disability. This contact person can assist you in all matters regarding studying with a disability (e.g. support needs, academic accommodations, homing, mobility and accessibility). Here you can find the contact data of all contact persons of every institution higher education in Flanders .

Preliminary arrangements such as e.g. housing have probably been made whilst preparing your exchange. To further facilitate your stay, we advise you to get in touch with the contact person for students with a disability preferably before your arrival. He will arrange for an assessment interview upon arrival to help inventory your needs and organize the appropriate support during your stay.

BestandA support inventory was developed to map out your support needs as an incoming student with a disability. Fill in this form and send it the contact person of the host institution or take it with you to the assessment interview that will take place at your host institution. This inventory contains questions that will stimulate you to reflect on your studies, student life, housing arrangements and the potential barriers you might encounter during your stay and help you map your support needs and optimize your international exchange. You can add notes to every question.

In case you, as an international student with a disability, are in need of any academic accommodations or support services, you need to have your disability registered at your host institution. For this registration, your host institution will adopt the registration from your home country/institution. In order to handle this registration smoothly, please take your student file (containing the (medical) information that demonstrates disability) from your home country with you to the assessment interview with the contact person.

Upon your arrival, meet with the contact person at your host institution for a more detailed assessment interview.