Webinar 7 - Universal design for learning in the Global South

 a lamp and innovative ideas with the title of the webinar ‘Towards Genuinely Inclusive Universities’ An international perspective on best practices in the implementation of universal design

Webinar 7 - Universal design for learning in the Global South
Thursday, 10 June 2021, 15.30 – 17.00 CET

The development and implementation of UDL in Higher Education has so far been tracked, documented and discussed within Global North countries (mostly North America, Europe and Australia so far). The interest for UDL in fact extends to the Global South, a landscape where it represents distinct opportunities but also specific challenges. This SIHO webinar will welcome guest speaker from higher education institutions in the Global South, where UDL implementation has begun. They will share their experiences and showcase what they see ahead in terms of sustainable development of UDL in the post-secondary sector in Global South countries.

Target Audience

This webinar series will be of interest to institutional leaders, service providers, academic staff, researchers, scholars, and students interested in the implementation of UDL. The objectives of the series is to offer participants the opportunity to deepen their reflection around UDL implementation and to encourage them to develop sustainable institutional policies and practices in this area. Each webinar includes its own specific participant outcomes.

Targeted participant outcomes

  • Participants will consider what UDL represents and entail for the post-secondary sector in the Global South;
  • Participants will explore the challenges and opportunities present in this landscape;
  • Participants will reflect on what makes the UDL implementation journey unique and distinct in Global South countries;
  • Participants will examine some of the work already under way in the Global South around UDL implementation in the higher education classroom and gain insight into specific case studies


Valérie Van Hees is the coordinator of Support Centre Inclusive Higher Education (Belgium) and has accumulated over 20 years of experience in the field of policy and inclusion in higher education. At SIHO, she forms a bridge between policy and practice on a daily basis, being a point of contact for both the Flemish Government and higher education staff to support the implementation of inclusion measures in policies and practices.

Frederic Fovet is Associate Professor, School of Education and Technology at Royal Roads University (Canada). Fovet is an inclusion specialist with a specific interest in emotional and behavioural difficulties (EBD), critical pedagogy and universal design for learning (UDL). Fovet also has a strong grounding in Disability Studies, and has served as a teacher and principal in schools with a focus on the successful inclusion of students with EBD.


All webinars are free of charge and registration will be open up to the start of each webinar. All webinars will be recorded and published on the website and video channels of SIHO.