SIHO develops guidelines and materials to help higher education institutions put inclusive higher education into practice.


MoodSpace is een plek vol betrouwbare info, tips en zelfhulp om emotionele problemen het hoofd te bieden en (veer)krachtig te studeren.


De e-learning programma's bieden tips & tricks rond diverse thema's om het beleid en de praktijk inclusiever te maken.

Inclusive mobility tools

The research report, booklet with policy recommendations and inspiration guide.

Webinars Inclusive Universities

The webinar series shed light on several topics closely related to current policies and practices in post-secondary education around the topics of inclusion and universal design. Consult here the presentations and recordings.

Database assistive technologies

SIHO has developed a database that provides a handy overview of technologies that can be used to respond to the specific needs of students with disabilities.


Roadmap is an online, interactive and personalizable guidance tool that supports students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) within higher education.


Through the Book-a-Book application, SIHO makes digital versions of textbooks easily available for students with disabilities studying in Flanders (Belgium).

Guideline Universal Design

The guide 'Universal Design' provides specific and useful tips and tricks for teachers and service employees to implement universal design principles in practice, immediately and effectively.

Disability Charts

SIHO developed information sheets for common functional limitations that include facts & figures, points for attention, tips and links to more background information.


Five students with a disability testify about their experiences, dreams and ambitions. The video portraits were assembled in a short documentary.

Mobility portraits

SIHO and LINK developed portraits about international mobility. Students testify about their experiences.

Newsletter Contributions

SIHO publishes in-depth contributions in its monthly newsletter. Here you will find an overview of in-depth contributions.