Privacy disclaimer

Support Centre for Inclusive Higher Education (SIHO) attaches great importance to the protection of your privacy and respects the relevant privacy legislation (GDPR). Below you can find out what this means in concrete terms.

How does SIHO collect personal data?

  • SIHO only collects personal data that you provide to us yourself.

What personal data does SIHO process?

  • SIHO only collects personal data that is necessary to perform a service you have requested.
  • Depending on your relationship with SIHO, SIHO collects different types of personal data. The following information is mandatory for the following actions:
  • To register for an event: name / first name / organization / function / email
  • To order a publication: name / first name / e-mail / street / number / postal code / municipality
  • For subscribing to the newsletter: e-mail
  • For the contact form on the website: name / first name / e-mail
  • To follow up a request for advice by e-mail: e-mail
  • For the cooperation in a sensitizing activity (e.g. portrait in the newsletter): name / first name / e-mail / declaration of consent
  • For the participation in a training activity (e.g. guest speaker or volunteer): name / first name / e-mail / street / number / postal code / municipality
  • For transferring a gift online: amount / name / first name / e-mail / street / number / postal code / municipality

When and why does SIHO process personal data?

  • SIHO collects and processes your data for the performance of the requested services.
  • SIHO only processes this data: if you explicitly gave permission for this; or, if the processing is necessary to provide a service requested by you; or, if SIHO is legally obliged to process the data (e.g. a survey of the contact points of the educational institutions in function of an advisory or evaluation report for the government);

How does SIHO handle personal data?

  • Sensitive personal data (e.g. health information) is always treated confidentially, never passed on to third parties, never disclosed and not stored.
  • Your data will only be used in function of the service you have requested. For example, if you register for the newsletter, SIHO will only use your data to provide you with this newsletter. Each newsletter also gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe.
  • SIHO never passes on your contact details to third parties without your explicit permission.
  • SIHO never provides your contact details for commercial purposes.

How long does SIHO keep personal data?

SIHO undertakes not to store your data longer than necessary for the service within the purpose for which it collected it:

  • For registration of events: only for follow-up of the event itself (e.g. sending publication and evaluation form about the event), for a maximum of 6 months after the event.
  • For ordering and forwarding publications: your data is collected in order to be able to send you the publication. They are kept for a maximum of 6 months after the application.
  • For the contact form on the website: your data will be automatically sent by email to The information requested and provided via this form will be used to make contact in order to comply with the submitted request. Your data will not be stored. After processing your email message, the email message will be deleted.
  • For a request for advice via e-mail: after processing your e-mail, the e-mail will be deleted within 6 months.
  • For the newsletter: your data will be used to send the newsletter. Every mailing in this contains an unsubscribe link (opt-out)
  • For a participation in a training activity and a sensitizing activity, as well as a gift: your data will be kept without time limit, unless you request deletion.
  • SIHO collects and stores certain data in an aggregated manner in order to evaluate and adjust its own operations (e.g. reporting on the number and nature of requests for advice per year, making an overview of FAQ, the annual report). The data for statistical or scientific purposes is always processed anonymously. Individual identification of persons is therefore not an issue.

Does SIHO securely store my personal information?

  • Your data is processed and stored in a careful and secure manner. To this end, SIHO uses various security technologies and measures to appropriately protect your data from unauthorized access, use, loss or disclosure. These technologies and measures are tested at regular intervals and adjusted if necessary. SIHO collaborates with Arteveldehogeschool for this.
  • When personal data is actually shared with external parties, a processing agreement is concluded with the party in which sufficient (technical) measures must always be included so that the security of your data is guaranteed as much as possible.
  • If there occurs a data breach in which your data is involved, SIHO will act in accordance with circumstances provided for by law and you will be notified personally.

What can I do myself regarding my personal information?

  • You can view the personal data that SIHO processes about you at any time and have any inaccurate or incomplete data corrected or deleted. Please contact us via
  • You can always report changes to SIHO and you also have the right to be "forgotten". Please contact us via Each newsletter also gives you the opportunity to unsubscribe.
  • If you believe that your data is being treated incorrectly, you can file a complaint with the Privacy Commission.

Cookie policy and Google analytics

  • SIHO uses cookies to tailor the content of its website better to your needs and preferences. These are small pieces of information that are sent through your browser and stored on the hard drive of your computer or mobile device. This information is sent back to the website administrator each time you visit. You can find more detailed information about our cookie policy on the website of Arteveldehogeschool.
  • SIHO consults the website's user statistics via Google Analytics. A number of cookies are loaded for this when you visit the site. Through these tracking cookies, SIHO can track how many visitors visit the website and collect certain demographic data. These statistics provide SIHO with insight into the use of the website and enable SIHO to improve it for the end user.
  • You can disable the cookies permanently or temporarily via the options manager of your internet browser. You have the option to configure your browser to warn you whenever cookies are created or to prevent them from being created. Refusal can, however, lead to a less effective operation of certain parts, features or services of the website. You may experience a loss of ease of use. We therefore recommend that you keep cookies enabled in your browser.

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